Instagram comment pods

I refuse to support initiatives where deceit takes the space of creative ideas for growth.

Groups on Facebook are all the rage nowadays, right. Here enters my experience with one of the groups I am active on.

I recently saw an invitation to a new and innovative comment pod in one of the growth hacking groups I'm part of on Facebook. First thought: this smells like a scam.

But I signed up, to follow through and I quickly stopped the process when I saw there was a waiting list to be included in said pod. And get this, the trick to jump the queue was to invite more friends. Indeed, a referral system. Now, this is modern age MLM (move over, Amway, millennials got it all figured out). A little bit inception-y, no? A promise for growth inside a growth hack itself (lead generation, hellooo!)

I thought to myself - growth hacking used to mean creative and innovative methods to grow your endeavor, but is it shifting towards tricks and tactics to bump up numbers which aren't really there?

I might an idealist, but look at those European countries who doctored their numbers in order to get accepted into the EU - they're not only still in down in the dumps, but they're dragging down others in the same bucket.

Dishonesty leads to empty ROI.

This rant was ignited by that invitation, and a Huffington article I stumbled upon on LinkedIn: What I Wish Brands Knew About Influencer Marketing