Andrea Kilin




Driving Growth 

Website optimization

A local renewable energy company asked for my help. Heby Energi are having problems with their sales conversion rates: while they register more than 1000 unique visitors each month, only 2% of that makes the decision to finalise a purchase. 

Few of the ideas we are currently implementing:

  • Website design simplification
  • Buyer journey streamlining
  • Product visibility
  • SEO improvement
 Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

 Human rights

Human rights


Building a diverse community

Social media and content management

Occasionally, when I find a cause I believe in, I will accept pro-bono projects. Such is the local Pride Festival for 2017 - WelcomeOUT Uppsala.

I am helping them manage their website - publish content, refresh updates and include news important for the website visitors. Alongside website, I also manage their Facebook Page by providing  a constant flow of content and implementing several strategies to increase traffic and engagement. 

Diversity, intersectionalism and multiculturalism are just as important to me as brushing my teeth each morning. I stand besides my values, no matter the circumstances. Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway - I always make sure that the people and projects I work with are aligned with my ethics and morals.

Content Is Queen

Social Media and content strategy

My full-time job is in the Healthcare industry, more specifically in the Life Sciences category. It is still in Marketing, don't worry, I'm not secretly a crazy scientist (unfortunately).

A formidable company, which goes by the name of GE Healthcare, sends me a nice salary each month for my services managing their social media platforms and helping out with projects building content strategy for a $4 billion global business. 

What exactly I do here is classified and if I told you, I'd have to ... you know... (pay formidable fines for breaking a life-long NDA).

 Size Exclusion Chromatography

Size Exclusion Chromatography


"Keeping it short, you will not find a more active, passionate, flexible and dedicated person than Andrea. No matter the task she will produce quality work, while still having that amazing personality and positive aura."

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